We thrive on designing and molding the right products for your projects.Our consultative process ensures you solid, cost-effective results. Quality and integrity are built-in to everything we do. So you can be sure that our products and our customer relationships are made to last.

We are proud members of the Society of Plastic Engineers

Our Location

Our Buiding

Conveniently located in Bessemer City, NC, just outside of Charlotte makes it easy for customers to visit any time. Shipping and receiving are also cost-effective from this location off of a main interstate highway. The area supports the injection molding industry with nearby tooling companies, color companies and more providing easy access to the parts and materials we need to be efficient for you. It's the ideal place to be for injection molding.

About Us

Caro-Polymers, Inc. Since 1984

Caro-Polymers, Inc. is an injection molding company specializing in small to medium run production. We are all about smart mold design, timely turn-around, quality end-products, and customer relationships. Whether it's initial design work, a new product design, or a product redesign, engineers in various industries turn to us. In doing so, they know they are getting the right part, using the right material and design for their final products.

Our History

As a privately-owned company, Caro-Polymers roots are steeped in product and process knowledge. Curtis Boyter, founder of Caro-Polymers had years of injection molding experience when he decided to start the company in 1984. He saw the need for filling small to medium size runs of product up to about 10,000 units. He set out to fill this niche, and the company has grown steadily ever since.

From serving 3 customers to 120 customers today, Caro-Polymers growth has been well planned. Nearly 30 years later, we continue to serve each customer with full attention to detail before moving on to the next. Our customers have come to know us not only for our expert engineers and cost-effective designs, but also for our integrity, stability, and assurance that we will get it right.

Our Clients

  • Michelin Corporation
  • Nabisco
  • Nautilus Exercise Equipment
  • General Mills
  • American & Efird
  • PleasureCraft Marine
  • PET Inc.

We are proud members of the Society of Plastic Engineers


At Caro-Polymer, we are experts in molding polypropylene, polyethylene and all engineering grades of resin. By maintaining all grade ranges, we can recommend and implement the most cost-effective material and process for your project. From standard grade to those with more physical properties for extra strength, we can accommodate.

Our services are comprehensive:


  • Product goals review
  • Discussion of your design
  • Materials and manufacturing options
  • Roadmap for next steps

Prototype Development:

  • 3D printing
  • CNC machining
  • SLA
  • Manual machining
  • Model building
  • Any combination thereof

In-House Custom Mold Manufacturing:

  • Aluminum tooling
  • Steel tooling
  • Core slides
  • Cam Slides
Plastic Molds

Molding of all Thermoplastic Engineered Resins:

  • Insert Molding
  • Over Molding
  • Medical injection molding
  • Urethane molding
  • Glass-filled molding
  • Elastomer molding
  • Assembling
  • Screen Printing

Industries We Serve



  • Hospital bed covers
  • Nurse panels
  • X-ray machine handles


  • Screening pads
  • Abrasive wear applications
  • Tube covers


  • For electrical displacement/grounding handles

Consumer Products

Consumer Products

  • Tent stakes
  • Christmas tree stands


  • Engine Hoods
  • Intake Covers
  • Pile glide for boat docks


  • Pulleys
  • Other

Outdoor Products

Outdoor Products

  • Foot Rails
  • Hatch Covers
  • Cooler bottoms
Material Handling

Material Handling

  • Bearings
  • Conveyor gears


  • Circuit board covers
  • other

Our Facility

You'll find more than 20,000 square feet of prime manufacturing space when visiting Caro-Polymer. Conveniently located in Bessemer City, NC, just outside of Charlotte makes it easy for customers to visit any time.

Reliability – Regularly Renewed

Molding MachineOur facility houses top quality equipment with highly reliable performance to keep us on target with your orders every day. To continue our assurance of speed and quality, we regularly add new machinery to accommodate your current needs and our steady growth. Recent additions include two 750 ton presses, laser scanning and computer aided design (CAD) systems.

Shipping and Warehousing

Shipping OptionsShipping and receiving from our strategically located facility, just off of the main I-85 interstate highway, is particularly cost-effective. We are equipped to warehouse your products if you are unable to accept large quantity shipments. Together we can anticipate your quantity requirements. Then, you benefit from the scales of economy by producing the quantities you'll need over time. You avoid additional set up fees that incur with every run, and we store your product, and ship the quantities as you need them.

Environmental Ideals

Earth FriedlyOur injection molding manufacturing plant is also kind to our environment. As a standard operating policy, we recycle plastic over-runs and waste using grinding and storing methods. The material is re-processed cleanly and safely in future product runs without sacrificing quality.

Ideal Location

LocationThe surrounding area of our facility supports the injection molding industry. Nearby tooling companies, color companies and more provide easy access to the parts and materials we need to be efficient for you. It's the ideal place to be for injection molding.

Why Choose Us?

Referrals. Over 30% of our business comes from previous customers, and word-of-mouth referrals. There is no better testament to our business than that.


Our customers keep coming back, and telling their peers, because we provide quality products, with quick turn-around, consistently. As a privately owned company we have the flexibility to move quicker than the larger organizations. This works to your benefit.


Plus, beyond quality and speed to market, you can count on us to tell you the best way to accomplish your product goals. From the right design, to the right material and process, we'll steer you in the right direction.

Rely on our knowledge. Experience our integrity.


How can I get started with a project at Caro-Polymers?

Just send the file (print) to us for evaluation. We'll tell you if it's ready to move to the next steps (whether that is tooling or proto-typing) or if we should consult further with you on the project.

What is the best material to use for a project?

This depends on the design of the part, how the part is going to be used, the engineering force that the part is exposed to, and other factors. We consider all of these issues. Then, we recommend the material that would be best suited to your requirements.

I have a current part that is not lasting sufficiently. How can you help?

We'll evaluate the part and its application to determine if there is a fault with the design or the material. Our years of experience means we can provide the best solution for you, whatever the circumstance.

Tooling for a part is expensive. How can I get past this road-block?

Tooling is expensive – a mold has to withstand very high pressure internally and externally, along with the heating of the resin and cooling of the finished part. With our on-premises machining and stocking of material in-house, we are positioned to offer competitive pricing, often beating comparable tool shop prices on and off-shore!

I have a project that only needs a couple hundred of parts a year. Can you accommodate that?

Yes! We have machines that are only used for small run production. This is our specialty!

Can I have color parts?

Yes. We work closely with a color company and can match any pantone color chip. We also stock 18 colors in-house.

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611 Besstown Rd. Bessemer City, North Carolina  28016 Call Today: 1-800-699-5319

611 Besstown Rd.
Bessemer City, North Carolina

Call Today: 1-800-699-5319

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